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Over the past year, Time+Space Media’s Social Media team has been working diligently to refine the client service offerings to focus on delivering exceptional ROI, nothing less.


The tireless efforts have paid dividends to one of Time+Space Media’s valued clients, an national B2C company. During a recent multi-platform Social Media campaign, under the direction and execution of the Time+Space Media team, we are thrilled to report an exceptional offline sales lift which was a direct result of our strategy and execution.


During the promotional period, the sales exceeded the in-store projections, reaching 138% of target in a major Canadian market.


BeckyAnne Brydon, the Manager of Content for Time+Space Media was ecstatic with the performance, “We felt very confident going into the campaign that we had nailed the customer segmentation, messaging and channels we needed to capture our target market in the social space. We were confident in the campaign and performance, but the offline sales exceeded our expectations.”


“Due to the nature of the business, we needed to do our best work to identify the personas we were trying to reach. Our core segment saw a spike of + 3,700% in website visits, our secondary segment hitting +951%. But that‘s just the beginning of the great KPI’s we saw here” said Brydon.


The campaign was specifically oriented to drive consumer action, registering a 224% increase in goal completion during the campaign period.


“The online to offline attribution model is really the ‘holy grail’ for marketers, something we are solving for many of our current and future clients” said Shawn Lowe, who has recently joined Time+Space Media as VP, Products & Strategy.


If you would like to chat with us about how Time+Space Media can help drive your online and offline sales via the Social channel, drop us a line. We would love to hear from you!