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Campaign Measurement:  Measure your ad campaign’s impact on awareness and purchase intent for actionable results.

Measuring the effectiveness of your ad campaign is essential to understanding whether you’ve hit the market with your target audience and moved the goalposts on your business results.

Qualitative campaign measurement takes the question “Is the media and creative for my campaign really working?” to a full stop.

Time + Space can now take the guesswork out and provide you with a relevant, insightful and actionable analysis in a timely and cost effective manner.

We offer the highest standard of data collection and include multiple research methodologies.  Our surveys are highly interactive, multi device compatible and customizable based on your business goals.

We can explore key measures such as brand awareness, favourability, competitive benchmarks, purchase intent, ad recall and creative message impact, and many more that may be specific to your industry and campaign goals.

We report back with a visual, insightful and actionable presentation that you can disseminate throughout your organization.  From this informed, strategic decisions can be at made on future investments and performance KPIs.

For example in a recent study, we were able to conclude which media channel drove the highest awareness and which contributed the most to driving action online.  The obvious answer may be TV and online, but it’s not what you think – the largest driver for both was television!  We were also able to uncover that following the campaign, the consumer did not completely understand the benefit of the product.  Great insights for the next round of creative.

Interested in learning how campaign measurement can help, drop us a line.