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In this blog you will find:

  • What major changes consumers have been making
  • How you can appeal to each new habit
  • How the next few months may change habits again


Understanding the behaviours of your target audience is instrumental in driving consumers down your sales or business funnel. With the Coronavirus pandemic surging in early March 2020 and people effected worldwide, many consumers were forced into shelter-in-place orders that caused their habits to change. With the re-opening of some in-person businesses beginning in late-Maythe question everywhere became ‘what does the new normal look like for consumption?” Digital buying surged during the first half of the year and brick-and-mortar store sales plummeted, but as companies look toward the future, will digital buying become habitual to consumers? Will behaviours return to those shown pre-pandemic? Or will the population change their habits into a new way of consuming?  

Time + Space has looked at some of these changes through our Consumer Impact reports, you can find V1 released in May and V2 released in June. Since then, the changes have remained and the longer quarantine has continued has only solidified these behaviours, driving them from patterns of crisis to long-term patterns that could stick even after the pandemic has abated.  

For the full insight on consumer behaviour including data on how retailers online numbers have shifted and where consumers have been focusing their time and money, join our network below.