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The case is clear. Short videos, often consumed on mobile devices, have “greater appeal and persuasion potential” than longer format ads.  


Humans have an ever-reducing attention span and at Time + Space, we often find ourselves recommending video assets for clients ranging from six seconds to a whopping 30 seconds. 


This is backed by evidence; to grab people's attention, videos need to be short and to the point. 


HOWEVER (and there's almost always a 'however'), if you’re trying to garner engagement, long form video content can be incredibly effective – and there are few better opportunities to really connect a brand to its consumer than Christmas.  


Yes – people want to consume video content. And they want it to be short. And they want to be entertained. However, even with our gnat-like attention spans, some brands are going so far as to deliver full, feature-film style content in 3 and a half minutes. And it’s lovely.  


This adorable Wes Anderson, Adrien Brody, and H&M collaboration from last year exemplifies this perfectly 



If your target happens to be 20 to 27-year-old women in 61 countries like H&M, you can put out a video with minimal dialogue (or translation required) and mass appeal. 10 Million views, lots of positive reviews and heaps of earned media make it worth a brand’s while.  


My friend and colleague at Arrivals & Departures, (newly minted) President & Chief Strategist, Martin Delaney, is a connoisseur of beautifully executed and strategically sound creative. His pick this year is:



Delaney explains why this video works:


“There’s some wonderful advertising coming out of the UK this time of year, and this video from BBC One is my fav for 2017. It starts with a strong story, a heart warming twist at the end and a lovely little insight along the way. And it’s beautifully executed. At its core, it’s the sharing of a special moment between dad and daughter.  

It’s celebrating togetherness, which is the theme of the BBC One brand. And when it all comes together like this the length of the video is irrelevant."   


Again, you get the story line of a full-length feature film, all within a few entertainingly executed minutes.  


If you HAVE to show the features of your product (and if your product ties to the season), you can do that in an entertaining way too, like this one from Lego Australia: 



Tying Christmas to the actual function of the product (imagination & play), this is “a delightful little story that perfectly illustrates the sort of elaborate world-building that Lego toys foster, and the imaginative play that can happen within those little universes.” 


Instead of a “buy now” anthem, I find myself watching this mini-movie, longing for those days of wonder (and then wistfully considering when I can pick up some Lego for my own kids, who are currently too young).  


In short, there’s a place for really well-executed, highly engaging and entertaining long-form content.  


  • When it’s Christmas and you’re going after all the feels; 
  • When you’re looking to entertain and raise brand understanding & affinity rather than focusing on a short term desire to sell, sell, sell.