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Earlier this year, Google announced the biggest change to AdWords since it launched 15 years ago: Expanded Text Ads. Canada’s largest search engine was moving away from their standard search ads to longer form ads known as Expanded Text Ads or ETAs.

These enhanced search ads offer more ad copy space and a new layout to encourage engagement. The text ads were created for the new mobile-first digital landscape and contain more information so advertisers have more control over their messaging. Since the launch of the new format, we’ve been running the Expanded Text Ads in our campaigns and have noticed a significant spike in results for all our clients.

Recently, we completed a two-month campaign for a client with utilizing our Search Engine Marketing solution and also leveraging ETAs. When comparing two months of Search data with the standard text ads against two months with the ETAs, we saw the following results.

 The ETAs with their added text provided more information and grabbed more attention. These ads are more relevant, with a higher ad position, and lower cost per click.

If you are interested in how ETAs can help your business, drop us a line.