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Mary Meeker of KPCB released her annual Internet Trends Report, during last week’s Code Conference in Los Angeles. For many, this is one of the most meaningful reports released annually and the latest report did not disappoint. 213 slides, no duds.

Great data on Millennials and an interesting perspective from Meeker, which is well worth a look if you are targeting this highly valuable segment.

Meeker also dug deep into what marketers should be doing to improve the performance of their ads, specifically in a mobile environment. Frankly, the points made are quite intuitive and something that many are doing today (and doing very well), but on the flip side many are still getting this horribly wrong.

Overall, great content on the mobile space as always within Meeker’s reports. It is great to see supporting data to underscore that the ecosystem is fully in place for digital marketers to reach people at all times, have an ever growing level of consistency in terms of ad units, also to see that usage is clustering.

Search; the content around the rapid rise of voice search is a major signal of a meaningful shift coming to the way people search for products & services. With an anticipated growth of +50% of all searching coming via speech or images within the next five years, this will completely shift SEO as many know it today.

Enjoy the presentation, if you would like the deck you can check it out here.