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There is no question about the brand impact of media investments during the Super Bowl, whether online or offline. This year was no exception as brands flocked to TV + the web to drive a lasting impression for their brand.

The Super Bowl continues to show the power of captive audiences during live TV events. Throughout the game, roughly 6 million people tuned in with audience numbers peaking during at the half time show at just over 8 million.


The Super Bowl continues to draw big live-tuning crowds; however, the Canadian audience numbers for Super Bowl 50 was slightly less than the previous year. The New England Patriots were in the final in 2015 and due to their large following of fans in Canada, this had a huge impact on live audience numbers. It’s no surprise that the teams in the final game have an impact on the viewership.


Having a digital strategy that aligns with a brand’s broadcast strategy leverages the intense interest with the big game. Throughout Super Bowl 50, there were over 7 million online searches for brands that advertised during Super Bowl 50, a 40% increase in searches from the previous year.

Mobile devices were the most used search tool with over 80% of the searches. This instant “micro-moment” connects a television ad to an online search resulting in a powerful combination to engage with customers. Given that an roughly 51% of consumers engage with content on multiple screens at the same time, this comes as no surprise.


From a social media perspective, Twitter is the channel that drives the most chatter during live events in North America.  According to Nielson, The Super Bowl drove engagement with 15.2 million users and over 16.9 million tweets specific to the game throughout the evening. It’s no surprise, that similarly to TV, Twitter activity peaked at 8:44 ET with a total to 162,000 tweets sent – this was the minute after the half-time show.

An event such as the Super Bowl is a great way for brands to connect with their fans and grow their social communities. With the significant cost of entry in premium live event broadcasts, brands that successfully leverage audiences across multiple screens will see the most benefit from their investment.