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Instagram announced this week updates are coming to its feed in the coming months. Gone will be the days of the chronological feeds and soon will be the days of experiencing an algorithm-based feed. The algorithm will allow for an even more personalized feed that will let users to see the most relevant visual story-telling content first.

Did you know that users miss about 70% of their feeds? As the network has grown over the past couple of years, users have found it challenging to stay up-to-date with the moments they care about most.

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, is all about user experience with the focus to grow the amount of time people spend within their platforms. The leader in social media modifies their algorithm and user experience on the regular to ensure continuous engagement and time spent.

How the personalized feed will work is still a complete unknown as the folks at Instagram are tight-lipped on the topic. What is clear, your entire content feed will be available, although it will be showcased differently as a consequence of the new algorithm.

An additional update was also announced which had a positive impact on the video sharing capabilities within Instagram. Previous, a maximum of 15-seconds was placed on video content and this will be extended significantly to 60-seconds.

We have seen some mixed reviews on these new changes coming to this visually-focused social media channel; however, as with all changes on social, users will adapt and the new changes will become normal.

As the new algorithm comes into play, users and brands will be pushed to create meaningful content to connect with their consumers, similarly to the way in which Facebook operates. These new updates will not impact the way paid advertisements are presented in this channel.

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